Create Questionnaire

The key steps

When creating a survey using the questionnaire plugin the key steps include:

  1. Creating an activity - turn the editing feature on and create an 'activity' from a course
  2. Creating conditions for the questionnaire - who can complete it and when?
  3. Creating questions - choose from a range of question types
  4. Using advanced settings - define who is notified when surveys are completed and what is displayed for learners when they submit?

Create activity

Questionnaires are a type of 'activity'. To add an activity to a course first turn the editing capability on.

  1. Navigate to a course

  2. From the course homepage turn editing on

  3. Now that the editing capability is turned on you can add a questionnaire 'activity' to the course.

Create conditions

Name and describe the questionnaire and set up the conditions under which it will be used (including who can complete the survey and how often).

1.From the Add an activity drop down select Questionnaire

2.Describe and name the questionnaire and set up the conditions under which the questionnaire will be used including:

  • timing requirements
  • response options
  • content options
  • common module settings
  • access restrictions
  • activity completion settings

To set up these conditions follow the steps below.

3.Select Save and display to create questionnaire content


Click on the question mark icons next to each field to find out more about each option.

A summary of these options can also be found here.

Create questions

A range of question types can be used to create the survey. Choose question types and set up the conditions for each question, such as whether it is mandatory to answer the question.

  1. Select the Questions tab
  2. Choose a question type in the drop down menu and click on Add selected question type

  3. In the fields that are now displayed create the question content and the conditions and settings for the question.

These fields will change depending on the question type.


4.Preview the survey as you go and use View to see the completed survey.

Advanced settings

Use advanced settings to define:

  • if the questionnaire is public, private or a template to be used for other courses
  • who receives emails when the survey is submitted
  • what the learner sees when they submit the questionnaire.


  1. Select Advanced settings 
  2. Use Content options fields to set the questionnaire 'type', subtitle content and other relevant information.

  3. Use Submission options fields to determine what learners see when a survey is submitted and to define who receives emails when surveys are submitted.

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