Conditional Activities

Conditional Activities

Conditional activities enable teachers to restrict the availability of any activity according to certain conditions such as dates, grade obtained, or activity completion. When it is enabled by the administrator, a 'Restrict access' setting appears in the settings of activities or resources.

Enabling the use of conditional activities

The basic conditional setting is in the Restrict availability area of an activity setting. It is asking for the conditions when the activity should be visible.

The conditions can be based upon dates, and/or score ranges of other activities and/or if other activities are considered completed (see activity completion).

Note that ALL availability restrictions (date, grade condition, activity completion condition) have to be met in order for the activity to be made available.

Grade condition

Conditions can be specified for any grade in a course: the full course grade, the grade for any activity, or a custom grade that you create manually.

Enter either a minimum value (at least percentage), a maximum value (less than percentage), both, or neither. The activity will only appear if the student has a value for the specified grade, and if it falls within any specified number range. You can add more than one grade condition. All conditions must be met in order for the activity to appear.

  • The range numbers can be fractional (with up to five decimal places) if necessary.

  • Be careful with the maximum value; if the maximum is 7, a student who scores exactly 7 will not see the activity. You could set it to 7.01 if you really wanted to include 7.

  • If creating several different activities that appear according to grade ranges, use the same number for the maximum of one activity, and the minimum of the next. For example, you might create one activity with a maximum of 7 and another with a minimum of 7. The first would appear to everyone scoring between 0 and 6.99999, and the second would appear to everyone scoring 7.00000 to 10. This guarantees that everyone with a grade will see one or other.

Activity completion

This setting determines any activity completion conditions which must be met in order to access the activity.

Note that completion tracking must first be set before an activity completion condition can be set.

Multiple activity completion conditions may be set if desired. If so, access to the activity will only be permitted when ALL activity completion conditions are met.

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