Course Categories



All courses are filed into categories, which themselves can be sorted into their own categories. 

Adding a new Category

Course Categories Page

From the site home-page locate the Settings block

  1. Click on the Site Administration option
  2. Then Courses
  3. Then Add/Edit Courses


Adding a Category

From the Course categories page

  1. Select ADD new category


Category settings

  1. Choose a Parent Category if you want this category to be within another, otherwise select Top.
  2. Give this a Category Name
  3. Enter a Category Description - see WYSIWYG Editor Basics for the formatting options available to you.
  4. Select Continue to finish or Cancel to return to the Course categories page



Controlling Categories

Editing a Category

From the Course categories page

  1. Select the Edit icon  next to the Category you want to edit
  2. See Category Settings

Moving a Category

From the Course categories page

  1. In the Move Category To: column is a dropdown menu, which shows the category that each sub-category is currently in.
  2. Select the new category that you want to move your category to, and it will be automatically moved (no need to submit your change).


Deleting a Category

From the Course categories page

  1. Select the Delete icon  next to the Category you want to delete.
  2. A list of that categories contents will be displayed, with options on what should happen to them - either Move contents to another Category, orDelete all - cannot be undone.
  3. If you are moving the contents, then select which category for them to Move into
  4. Select Delete to continue or Cancel to return to the Course Categories page.


Hiding/Revealing a Category

By hiding a category, you make it invisible (and inaccessible even by a direct link) to any learners that are not administrators.
This can be useful for creating new content on a live site, which can be prepared over time before being 'released' by being made visible when ready.

From the Course categories page

A visible category will have an open eye icon - 
A hidden category will have a grey title, and a closed eye icon - 

Select the icon to toggle between the two states.

Reordering Categories

You can change the order in which categories are listed - they don't have to be alphabetical or from oldest to newest.

  1. In the edit column, select either the up or down arrow to move the category one position in that direction.


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