User profile field mappings


The User profile field mapping tool allows you to create defaults for blank fields, map fields to secondary fields that do not exist in the uploaded user data, and to 'normalise' data by mapping a field back to itself with corrections.

On each import any data that in the mapped fields that is not already mapped will be flagged, so new changes can be identified and managed.

The mappings made using this tool do not have an immediate effect - this change will occur on each import of the user file.

Accessing the tool

Administrators can access the tool from the Site Administration block.

Select Users > Accounts > User profile field mappings

Using the tool

You may already see existing mappings.
Each mapping lists the Input field and Output field, flags whether there are Unmapped values and gives you controls to Edit or Delete that mapping.

ADD new mapping

The Input field is the field to be converted or read, and the Output field is where the mapped data will be written to. The Input field and the Output fieldcan be the same field - this serves to convert data into a desired style and to 'normalise' data and correct mistakes.
The left column is the data you expect to see in the Input field and the right column is the data to be written into the Output field.

The Default value is what will be written for any value that is not yet mapped, which to begin with includes blanks but blanks can also be explicitly mapped to something by leaving the left column empty and entering data in the right column.

As the list grows, select Add 5 fields to form to create more room on the page.

If you try and save this page with duplicates in the left column, then you are trying to map one thing to two which will not work. An error will be displayed and the second (or third) instance of the same data will be highlighted.

If you try and use the same Output field as an existing mapping then you will also receive an error when saving.

Unmapped values

After a mapping is created, the next time the import script is run any unmapped values received in the Input field will be added to the list - the Output field will have had the Default value entered if one exists.
If one or more unmapped values exist for a mapping, then a flag will appear in the Unmapped values column.

Select Edit to view all the mapping values - all unmapped values will be highlighted in pink until you save the page.
Once the page is saved, any fields you left unmapped are now explicitly mapped to a blank value and the flag will be removed. This flag will be reinstated once new unmapped values appear in the Input field.
You can come back and remap these at any point, but they will no longer be highlighted in pink (but can be easily seen when scanning down the page).

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