Scripted Reports - Adding, cloning, editing and deleting reports

Adding a new report

1. Click on the Add new report drop down menu and choose a report type

2. Enter a title for the report and an optional description. The description will be used when report results are sent via email.

Tick the 'Show in dropdown menu' checkbox if you would like to have quick access to the report from the My Reports menu

3. Select Submit to save.

Cloning reports

To save time you can create a copy of an existing report and then change settings rather than creating a similar report from scratch.

Click the clone icon to create a copy

Editing report name and description

If you want to edit the name or description of a report, click the edit icon

Deleting reports

To delete a report click the delete icon

All data, including report history, will be removed. If you want to keep the report but remove it from the My Reports dropdown menu, edit the report and untick the 'Show in dropdown menu' checkbox.



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