Scripted Reports - Overview


The Scripted Reports module allows you to design and schedule a range of reports to track learner progress and results. Quickly design reports tailored specifically for those involved in the learning journey - key stakeholders, line managers even learners themselves.

Reports can be saved in a variety of document formats accessed directly from within ScaffoldLMS or automatically emailed to recipients.

You might create a report for key stakeholders who wish to track attendance, completions and uptake of courses. Or you may be a trainer who wants a report about how learners performed in an online module or pre-requisite for a face to face training session.

Because Scripted Reports allow you to create and store a range of reports you are then able to review business goals, assess how training is going and to evaluate and modify your training program.

Take advantage of inbuilt scheduling tools that allow reports to be automatically run and sent to managers at regular predefined intervals.

Types of reports

Different reports can be used for different purposes.

The report types that can be created are:

  • Activity Reports - show progress and completion per learner for all 'activities' (an activity being a task, quiz, module or training session)
  • Course Reports - show data on course completion and on users and enrolements
  • Face to Face Report - shows data on all aspects of face-to-face training (who is enroled, location and venue information, trainer information about learners following the session)
  • SCORM Tracking Reports - report on completions for SCORM courses
  • SCORM Interaction Reports - report at the activity level including individual responses to questions

Scheduling reports

The tool allows you to reports on demand or you can take advantage of scheduling tools that allow reports to be run at regular predefined intervals.

Additionally, reports can be set up to automatically send designated recipients an email or an attachment that contains the full report each time the report is run.

Other features

  • Clone and edit existing reports.
  • Edit reporting fields for existing reports
  • Run reports on demand
  • The ability to see at a glance when a report was:
    • last updated
    • last run
    • will be run next.

To open the 'Report designer' page

The Scripted reports menu is accessed via the Settings block and is located within Site Administration > Reports > Scripted Reports

You can also access this page by clicking the My Reports menu header


Functional reference

An explanation of each icon, column and function on the page.




Add new report...

A dropdown menu from which you begin creating a new report by selecting from the available reports


This column displays the name given to the particular report 


Manually run the report


Creates a copy of the report with a new name, which can then be tweaked for a new purpose. Can save time over creating a similar report from scratch.

Edit script name and description

Edit the report name, description and whether the report appears in the My Reports dropdown menu.

Edit the report fields 


Edit the report fields

Edit the report filters


Edit the report filters



Edit the intervals at which this report is set to run, and who should be notified of its reults.

Report history


An archive of each report created using the script



This column identifies the report type

Created by


This column identifies the name of the admin that created the script

Last run


This column identifies the last time the report script has been run. If it has never been run, then will display N/A

Next run


This column identifies when the report script is next sheduled to run. If no scheduling is set, then will display N/A

Browse pages

Browse pages within the list of reports

Page size

The number of reports displayed on each page. Select 10, 20, 50 or 100.

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