Workflow Messenger settings

Notification Settings

Select an event

Here you define which event will create trigger the notification.

Name the event, then choose the event category in the Component menu and the specific event in the Event menu (the options for each are listed in theEvents page)
Description of the chosen event will be automatically displayed

Select Next to continue

Users to notify

On the Create Event you can choose who to notify when this event occurs. You can either pick specific users, or you can use filters so the the user/s notified are relevant to that particular instance of an event.
The filter options available will change depending on the type of event being created.

Specific Users

To notify a specific user, or list of users first have Specific Users chosen for the Recipients.
Then using the search field under the right-hand column, find users and move them to the left column using the arrow buttons

Using Filters

First, choose Using Filters for the Recipients, then select one of the available filters. Some are basic and have no further options (User, User's manager), and some can be further defined.
In the example below we have used the User Filters which become available once we have selected Users enrolled in the course to specify that we only want to notify the teachers of that course, not everyone enrolled in that course.

Notification time

Some notifications can be offset to before or after the event occurs.

To create an offset set a number and choose days, weeks, months or years then choose whether that is before or after the event.

The notification

In this section you define what kind of message is received and what the message says


The Medium is the type/s of message that will get sent.
Notification alert is selected by default and cannot be deselected. This is the alert that is shown in the notifications menu.
Email messaging means the user is also emailed.
Moodle messaging means they will receive a message through the standard Moodle Messaging system (


This is the message that will get sent when this event occurs.
You can load the current message from any existing event by choosing its name from the Template menu.

Enter a Subject and Body. The message can have dynamic content - placeholders that get replaced with data relevant to the user (like their name) or how the event was triggered (which course they enrolled in).
You can see a list of dynamic fields by selecting the Help icon next to Body.

Select Save notification settings to finish

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