Enterprise Dashboard


Enterprise Dashboard is an custom homepage for learners that allows administrators to:

  • display training plans
  • filter course lists (make courses visible to users or restrict visibility)
  • display a leader board.

Dashboards show either a focused view of learner's next training activity or a detailed transcript of their complete training program. Optionally include a summary of both complete and incomplete training.

The dashboard can display:

  • all currently enrolled training
  • all list of incomplete/pending training
  • a specific number of available courses.

Choose to include for each enrolment:

  • a progress bar detailing percentage of the assessment criteria currently complete
  • a description of all assessment criteria including assessment pass marks
  • specific requirements for each training activity and the learner’s current status against each.


Enterprise Dashboard is comprised of:

Training Home The welcome page for learners.
Training Plan User's individual training plans.
Enterprise Groups

Provides departments or divisions with a custom look and feel and targeted news items.

Leader board

Leader boards can be customised and displayed on the dashboard. The highest peer-rated contributors to forums are displayed in a list.

Workflow Messenger

Notifications, that are targeted at specified users, are displayed about aspects of the training workflow. They can be triggered from dozens of different events, and are configured to send customised messages.

Training news Post news customised to departments, roles or locations.



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