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Enrolment Methods 

ScaffoldLMS supports multiple Enrolment Method that are used to govern learner enrolment into courses. For example Manual enrolment and Self Enrolment are both standard Enrolment Methods and can be enabled or disabled by an administrator for each course.

Online Training Requests is an enrolment Enrolment Method that allows learners to request enrolment in one or more courses, which must then be approved or denied by two levels of management.

The approval workflow is commonly used when offering self-enrolment for high value face-to-face courses or training events with a limited number of places.

The learner can either request courses via the Training Request block on the site front page, or when trying to access a requestable course before they are enrolled they will be provided a link to the request form.

To define a course as one in which enrolment can be requested, the Training Request enrolment method must be added. This is controlled on a course-by-course basis.


There are some parameters of this plugin which will be set for you by Nine Lanterns, and can be changed on request.



Add instance to new courses

Whether all courses have this method added by default, or whether the method has to be added each time.

Default enrolment period

The length of enrolment for someone enrolled via this method

Default role

Which of the course-context roles a person will be assigned when enrolled via this method (usually Student)

Adding the enrolment method

To make a particular course enrollable via this method, then the enrolment method must be active for the course.

From the Course administration menu select Users then Enrolment methods

If you do not see Training requests in the list of enrolment methods, then select it from the Add method menu

If you see it in the list but the title is 'greyed out' then it is currently inactive. Click the closed-eye icon to activate it.

Removing the enrolment method

If you want to remove this method of enrolment, you can either delete the method or make it inactive.
Making it inactive will mean that all those enrolled via that method can no longer access that course and no more enrolments can be made by this method. This can be reversed by making it active again.
Deleting the method will unenrol anybody enrolled via this method in that course, and this cannot be undone. The method can be added again but any enrolments will be lost.

The number of people enrolled via any method will be listed in the Users column.

From the Course administration menu select Users then Enrolment methods

To make the method inacitve, click the open eye icon. The eye will close and the title will become grey.

To delete the method, click the X icon

Management hierarchy

A user must have a management hierarchy to be allowed to make requests, and this is governed by two fields - ID Number and Supervisor ID.
ID Number is a standard Moodle field, and Supervisor ID is a custom field that must be added for this workflow to be possible.

The Supervisor ID field in one users account should contain the same string that the ID Number field contains in their manager's accounts.
If adding the custom field you must use the short name of "supervisorid" (without the quotes).

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