Managing Sessions

Edit session details

1.From the session list select the pencil icon next to the session you want to edit/update



The other two icons can be used to:

Copy a session

To save time creating a session, you can duplicate a current one. By selecting the Copy icon, you open an form to add a new session with the fields already filled.
Make the needed changes and save the new session.

Delete session

Select the Delete icon to remove a session


2.Update the fields and click on Save changes

2.View information about attendees and select ADD/REMOVE attendees to manage attendance


3.Use the arrows to add or remove attendees



Filters (on the session page) allow you to search for specific things in all available sessions.

Search by a date range, by venue, location or status to see what sessions are available.


Edit current fields or add custom fields to your session data.

This data can be added to the learner's sign up form, to the trainer's attendence form or to the session form information completed by the administrator.

1.Click on MANAGE custom fields

2. Use the pencil icon to edit existing fields or select ADD a new field

3. In ADD a new field use the Field type dropdown to add additional information to the:

  • sign up form (the learner will fill this in) e.g. the learner's dietary requirements
  • attendence form (the trainer fills in) e.g. add a field that allows the trainer to comment on how the the learner participated
  • session form (this is filled in by admin) e.g. contextual/practical information about the session such as the state the session will be run in



4. Click on Save changes

5.The fields you have added will be displayed including the form in which the information will be included.

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