The gradebook allows a pass mark (grade) to be assigned to each activity within a course and to the course as a whole.

The Gradebook also allows us to define how different scores within a course are to be aggregated.

Accessing the Gradebook

From the course homepage in the Settings block, select Grades from the Course administration menu.

To change the grade settings, you must first Turn editing on

Grade Settings: Whole Course

To change the grade settings for the whole course:

Select the edit icon underneath the course title.

Grade Settings: Activity

To change the grade settings for an activity:

Select the edit icon in the Controls row, and the column of the activity you want to edit.

Grade Settings: Learner

To change the grade that a learner has received:

Select the edit icon in their row, for either the activity you want or the Course total.

This will allow you set several grade parameters for that learner, or alternatively you can simply enter a new grade into the fields available and selectUpdate.

Course Settings

Grade category

The scores achieved in each activity can be aggregated in a number of different ways to determine the overall course grade.

  • Mean of grades - The sum of all grades divided by the total number of grades
  • Weighted mean of grades
  • Simple weighted mean of grades
  • Mean of grades (with extra credits)
  • Median of grades - The middle grade when grades are arranged in order of size
  • Lowest grade - The lowest grade achieved
  • Highest grade - The highest grade achieved
  • Mode of grades - The grade that occurs the most frequently
  • Sum of grades - The sum of all grade values, with scale grades being ignored

Category total


Activity Settings

Grade item


Parent Category


Changing a learner's grade

The simplest way of changing a grade is to type a new number in the relevant field (row for learner, column for activity or course total) and selecting Update.

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