Creating a Label or Page



A label is a way to add text, images or full HTML content to the home or 'subject' page of a course. Originally labels were intended to provide a simple method by which one could insert a quick instruction amongst a subject list.


Similar to a Label, a Page offers a versatile resource type which we can use to display static content (text, image, HTML). Multiple pages can be created within a course and easily accessed via the course home page or navigation block.

ScaffoldLMS Enterprise provides course administrators with a powerful set of tools with which rich text and HTML content can be created and maintained on either Labels or Pages.

Add a Label or a Page

To turn Editing on

From the course Home Page locate the Settings block

  1. Click on the 'Course Administration' option
  2. Click on 'Turn editing on'


To add a Label

  1. Click on 'Add a resource' drop down menu
  2. Click on 'Label'

To add content to a Label or a Page

The Label or Page text field includes a the standard WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editor that allows users a user familiar word-processing interface to create content. The toolbar provides many standard editing commands.

It is possible to create and maintain complex formatted pages using the editing commands.

A label or Page can be hidden from view by using the Common module setting 'Visible'. Hiding a label may useful if you are working on content for an active course but do not want participants to see the label you're working on.

Editing Labels

With Editing turned on a series of small icons are displayed above each label.

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